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International Accreditation Preparation

Accreditation Preparation

Obtaining accreditation from a recognized and respected accreditor is not an easy task, as the standards for these bodies with respect to medical and dental institutions are understandably high. Our team of experts will guide your organization in preparing for the final inspection by these bodies and the rigorous training of staff that is often required.


Some of our strengths include:

  • Resource optimization
  • Organizational structure
  • Internal analysis
  • Strategic objectives
  • Competitive advantage and capabilities analysis


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    Benefits of our service

    Health Choices International (HCI) has extensive experience in implementing and leading successful Accreditation programs with numerous healthcare organizations throughout Latin American. These organizations seek to improve outcomes, reduce readmission rates and lower overall costs. At HCI, we are committed to equipping our clients with the knowledge and tools necessary to receive the international accreditation they seek.

    How we work?

    HCi's consultancies are a set of training and consultancy actions designed from the latest international trends with a focus on Quality and Patient Safety. Our services are supported by state-of-the-art technological tools that lead to the structuring of specific models that promote the excellence of health care providers and the development of their personnel.

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