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We have extensive experience in the area of ​​Operational Excellence of Health Institutions. Since the creation of the organization in 2007, the main objective has been to efficiently carry out the processes, the continuous improvement of the areas and the increase in quality and safety in patient care.

Our history

Operational Excellence of Health Institutions

HCi has extensive experience in implementing improvement systems for institutions providing health services (Hospitals, Clinics, Clinical Laboratories, Medical and Dental Offices, among others). Together with our clients we have successfully achieved higher yields, reduced costs related to patient care and greater efficiency in the processes of health organizations throughout Latin America.

Our organization provides comprehensive, global advice, with transfer and focuses on value creation. We are characterized by being a modern and innovative consulting company, which offers its clients to develop serious, professional work, with an efficient methodology and application of modern techniques in the strengthening of health institutions.

Our team of associated consultants has a high technical level, high competence and a lot of experience in developing solutions for health institutions, with proposals that are affordable for the Latin American market, in which we have a long history. We have earned our excellent reputation by strictly maintaining our commitments to the needs of our clients and their projects, and doing so in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Additionally, HCi develops tools for clinical and management effectiveness focused on performance improvement and quality care. Some of these strategic programs include data-driven assessment tools, clinical quality benchmarks, and educational programs. All programs combine education, training and communication, as well as documentation services.

acreditación internacional en salud


Quality management

In the health sector, one of the reasons why we choose to implement a quality management system is to contribute to the continuous improvement of the quality of health care services, patient safety, operational excellence, the reduction of costs. Furthermore, good quality management systems encourage all institutions to maintain competitive advantages to achieve, sustain and improve their position in the country's environment and enhance services with international levels.




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