Financial and Cost Analysis

The main objective of this service is to review the management of the Hospital/Clinic and improve the effectiveness, quality and performance of the staff and helping to obtain the expected results in the institutional operations plan thus achieving the expected customer satisfaction. Our experts focus on:

  • Plan, organize, provide technical assistance and measure areas of administrative competence
  • Assist in the management of organizations through policies, procedures, plans and established programs to develop and support the strategic plan of the Hospital / Clinic
  • Assume responsibility for monitoring the quality and efficiency of projects
  • Provide technical assistance to administrative units
  • Motivate staff and strengthen their capabilities through training, education and practical tools applied in all areas and administration
  • Manage business performance while responding to regulatory and business changes
  • Reduce planning cycle times by using automation and aligned collaboration processes
  • Maximize the value of performance improvement initiatives
  • Innovations for planning, budgeting and forecasting