Alignment and Strategic Integration

In healthcare organizations that present performance problems, the issue often focuses on the lack of alignment between areas, which translates into an absence of agreements or disarticulation between the components of the health service provider organization.

This has a negative effect on the results, since that even though the organization has clearly defined strategic objectives, it will not do much good if a serious exercise of communication, analysis and identification of objectives is not carried out by and between the areas allowing each collaborator to know exactly what they must do to achieve the goals of the organization.

En Health Choices International contribuimos a la construcción de organizaciones de Salud de alto desempeño, al mando de líderes creíbles que saben cómo sacar lo mejor de su gente; de sus recursos tangibles e intangibles.

At Health Choices International we contribute to the development of high performing healthcare organizations, led by credible leaders who know how to get the best out of their people and its tangible and intangible resources.

For this:

    • We facilitate the alignment and integration between the strategy, the value proposition to the patients, the practices of the organization, the skills of the personnel, the culture and the optimal organizational climate to grow in a sustainable manner.
    • We work with shareholders and senior management to translate the strategy into distinctive (innovative) capabilities, standards and commitments that constitute a roadmap to operate effectively in an accelerated and dynamic industry, where the responsibility to perform is not negotiable.
    • We do it with simple tools and tailored solutions, easy to implement and totally oriented to results.
    • We follow a logical process, which allows the organization to control the scope and progress, avoiding any unnecessary or unwanted expense, to get to where it is convinced to invest.
    • Quality is backed by our competent professional team, with extensive experience in national and international organizations, directly involved in the design and strategic implementation, and support processes for attracting, retaining and developing talent, competency management, learning management and cultural change, improvement and innovation as life practices.